About us

Biosphere Futures is a community effort that builds on contributions from scenario researchers and practitioners from around the world. The collaboration is led by the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University in Sweden, the women researchers collective Colectivo Fractal in Spain and The Natural Capital Project at Stanford University in the USA. 

Biosphere Futures is supported by communication agency Azote, and funded through the FORMAS program Perspectives on the Sustainable Development Goals: Synergies and Conflicts 

Who we are

Jan Kuiper
PhD, Researcher
Garry Peterson
PhD, Head of subject, Professor
Laura Pereira
DPhil, Researcher
Elisa Oteros Rozas
Federica Ravera
Roy Remme
Anne Guerry
Marta Berbés-Blázquez
Kinga Psiuk
Liam Carpenter-Urquhart
Linna Fredström


Jan Kuiper
Stockholm Resilience Centre
Stockholm University


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