COMET-LA Scenarios Colombia

The research project Community-Based Management of Environmental Challenges in Latin America (COMET-LA) included three participatory scenario planning processes in contrasting case studies.

Project facts

Alto y Medio Dagua and Bajo Calima

Scenarios were used to get people to think about the relationships between their systems and external drivers and possible futures they hadn’t been considering. Then, community members were asked to identify response options to achieve their goals and finished by evaluating the robustness of response options (i.e. the usefulness in the event of different plausible futures and shocks) and the implications of these, including for planning and governance.

The process acted to enable increased awareness of changing future interdependencies and hence the need to develop anticipatory responses that may be different from past tactics and traditional practices

The scenarios were made in: 2014

The scenarios look out to: 2034

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Kerry Waylen & Julia Martin-Ortega
Project Leader
January 8, 2020

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Kerry Waylen & Julia Martin-Ortega
COMET-LA Scenarios Colombia

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Kerry Waylen and Julia Martin-Ortega
Kerry Waylen and Julia Martin-Ortega
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