A Green Vision for Sumatra

This case study highlights a real-world example of using InVEST scenarios to inform decisions about land use. In this example, scenarios were developed, ecosystem service impacts were assessed, and the results were used to make sound policy decisions.

Project facts

Riau, Jambi and West Sumatra

The ecosystem services modelling platform InVEST was used to map the amount of high-quality wildlife habitat, carbon storage and sequestration, annual water yield, erosion control, and water purification (for both nitrogen and phosphorus) provided by the two scenarios and the 2008 baseline. Maps were developed showing the difference in ecosystem services between the two scenarios, and between each scenario and 2008

The results of this study were integrated in policy decisions.

The scenarios were made in: 2010

The scenarios look out to: 2020

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Nasser Olwero
Project Leader
December 18, 2019

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A Green Vision for Sumatra
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