Pamiri Futures

Five communities from different valleys of the Pamirs imagine their futures (10 years) around the question: How can human well-being continue to improve while maintaining diversity and traditions?

Project facts


Goal: To co-develop visions for the future in the Pamirs with diverse development actors, using traditional foods as a way to open up new conversations.

Expected Outcomes:
1. Test methodology of food ways (cooking together)
2. Joint visions for future development trajectories in the Pamirs, documented by a local artist (community keeps painting)
3. Uncovering what endogenous development patterns look like, and how they are similar to, or differ from, other development visions in the Pamirs.

An improved understanding of the difference in values between farmers in rural communities and development organisations implementing programmes.

The scenarios were made in: 2016

The scenarios look out to: 2041

Submitted by:

Jamila Haider
Project Leader
October 31, 2019

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Yorali Berdov
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