Sustainable Coastal Land Management: Trade-Offs in Ecosystem Services

Collaborative landscape planning for Co-Design of ecosystem-based land management scenarios. Transdisciplinary processes are important to develop sustainable strategies to climate-proof coastal areas.

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Lower Saxony

This paper conducts an empirical case study in the low-lying coastal areas of northwest Germany. During a collaborative landscape planning process, four different ecosystem-based land management scenarios were co-designed by regional experts and researchers. The participatory and iterative process included:

– the development of scenario narratives to define planning goals

– the use of land use elements and their relations to ecosystem services as planning entities in terms of indicators

– the art-based illustrations of the different scenarios

– and an evaluation and monitoring of the outcomes.

As an important result of the collaborative landscape planning process, essential elements of the actor-based scenario were implemented in the regional spatial plan of the county (RROP)

The scenarios were made in: 2016

The scenarios look out to: 2050

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Leena Karrasch
Project Leader
September 13, 2022

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Sustainable Coastal Land Management: Trade-Offs in Ecosystem Services

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