Climate Change Urban Resilience Scenarios in Valdivia, Chile

Valdivia, located at the confluence of three rivers by the coast of central Chile, co-created five visions for the future of Valdivia by 2080, prioritizing strong cultural identity and inclusivity alongside sustainable changes.

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The Urban Resilience to Extremes Sustainability Research Network (UREx SRN) co-developed five adaptive and transformative alternative future scenarios for an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient Valdivia in 2080. A broad range of approximately 50 stakeholders, including practitioners, academics, administrators, and civic and community leaders, worked together to define goals, strategies, and objectives necessary to realizing these visions. Synthetic outputs included models to visualize Valdivia’s future infrastructure based on the scenarios developed, along with a qualitative resilience assessment, renderings, and narratives.

Expected impact: to address long-term challenges of Valdivia and enhance its capacity for long-term resilience planning by exploring diverse policy options.

The scenarios were made in: 2017

The scenarios look out to: 2080

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Charlyn Green
Project Leader
December 14, 2020

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Climate Change Urban Resilience Scenarios in Valdivia, Chile

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