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This featured page is part of the AFRICANFUTURES project, funded by FORMAS and led by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. The project adresses the lack of desirable stories about the African continent in the future and seeks to fill a knowledge gap on how to enable transformative change towards sustainability.

AFRICANFUTURES operationalizes the Nature Futures Framework: a component of the IPBES Task Force on Scenarios and Models work plan. It also builds on previous work done by the Seeds of Good Anthropocenes project. AFRICANFUTURES identifies existing seeds of change in Africa, aims to co-design scenarios of desirable African futures using the Nature Futures Framework (NFF) and contextualizes these stories within regional realities to provide actionable pathways towards sustainable human-nature interactions on the continent. The underlying ethos is to employ a decolonial approach to creating these futures that fully acknowledges structural and historical injustices on the continent and to offer a space for having frank and difficult conversations about identity, aspirations and diverse ways of being and knowing. As such, there is a strong emphasis on acknowledging and bringing to the fore Indigenous and Local Knowledge (ILK) and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK).

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